Broadcast Email - 3 Opportunities

Includes one email blast sent by ISHLT to all pre-registrants of the ISHLT Annual Meeting who have opted in to receive information from ISHLT supporters regarding their products, programs and services. Perfect for notifying ISHLT delegates in advance of the products you will be displaying or about corporate events/ industry theaters you will be conducting.

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Your target send date must be agreed upon with ISHLT staff by no later than 1 February, 2022.

  • ISHLT reserves the right to review and approve your email or to suggest a different send date for your
  • Fully coded HTML email content must be received by ISHLT 21 days (three weeks) in advance of your target send
  • Event announcement and/or event invitations must include the following text placed prominently and printed in a size large enough to be easily read:

“This is an independent Event/Product and is not an official part of the ISHLT Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions.”