Industry-Created Non-CME Podcast Support

Your ready-made podcast presented and promoted via ISHLT.

  • ISHLT must approve podcast content and date of podcast release in
  • Date of podcast release cannot conflict with JHLT podcasts, the ISHLT Annual Meeting, ISHLTv webinars, or other ISHLT
  • Supported podcasts must be scheduled 3 months in advance and should be approximately 20-23 minutes (including supporter mentions at introduction and conclusion).
  • Supporting company is responsible for recording content, including all associated costs, and providing the audio file to
  • Specifications for podcast audio are listed below:
    • AD LENGTH: 30 seconds maximum                  
    • CHANNELS: Mono
    • STEREO BIT RATE: 192 kbps or lower                                                 
    • MP3 File Format Requested
    • SAMPLE RATE: 44.1 kHz
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  • Specifications and Support Includes:

    • ISHLT will publish and distribute your podcast as part of the ISHLT podcast
    • A thirty (30) second ad (recorded by you) placed in the middle of the podcast, plus mention at beginning and end of the podcast that episode is brought to you by supporter company
    • Supporting company is responsible for making sure the ad and company mention is added to their
    • Recognition as an ISHLT podcast:
      • Supporter logo on all promotional broadcast emails and material related to the podcast, and recognition in the ISHLTaccess newsletter, including
      • Promotion of your podcast by ISHLT, including mentions in social media and
      • Podcast hosted on ISHLT Radio web page (newly created podcast landing page) including company name and logo.