One-Hour Industry Symposium - Maximum 100 Attendees

An Industry Symposium Session is any hour-long, non-CME session providing information on current therapies and products.


Guidelines for the presentation of scientific data and cases

Participants in the ISHLT annual meeting agree and confirm that studies involving human subjects adhere to the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki of the World Medical Association, adhere to the principles of the ISHLT Statement on Transplant Ethics, and meet the informed consent requirements of the institution and country in which the study was performed.


Submit your application  to hold a One-Hour Industry Symposium - Maximum 100 Attendees:

Industry Symposia Application


*Maximum number of attendees may change depending upon social distancing requirements at the Hynes Convention Center



  • Industry Symposium Sessions can only be scheduled during the available dates and times, listed below, and cannot conflict with ISHLT Session times will be assigned by ISHLT.
  • Up to three (3) Industry Symposia will be held concurrently in each session
  • Every effort will be made to avoid the scheduling of simultaneous Industry Symposia targeted to the same audience, but ISHLT cannot guarantee


Available Dates / Times (United States Eastern Standard Time)

  • Wednesday, 27: April Noon – 1:00 p.m.
  • Thursday, 28: April 12:15 – 1:15 p.m.
  • Friday, 29 April: Noon – 1:00 p.m. 
Availability: Out of stock


  • Session cannot exceed one
  • Room set theater style, riser, head table for 4 people, standing
  • Audio/Visual (AV) includes; 1 podium microphone, 1 lavalier microphone, 2 head table microphones, 2 aisle microphones, 1 LCD projector, 1 screen, sound system, 1 laser pointer, dedicated AV technician, presenter must provide own
  • ndustry Symposium Session title must lead with “Non-CME Industry Event offered by XCOMPANY NAMEX – XSESSION ”
  • Introduction slide: Company logo may be The following prominently placed text must be added: “This is an independent Non-CME event and is not an official part of the ISHLT Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions.”

The sponsoring company is responsible for securing and associated costs for:

  • Additional AV needs
  • Food and beverage — only beverages and box lunches are permitted
  • Additional cleaning in accordance with health and safety guidelines
  • Recording and broadcasting your session for the virtual meeting is available — additional costs will be your
  • All print or digital invitations, brochures

Event Invitations/Announcements /Publication of Event

  • All invitations, broadcast emails and other materials about Corporate Events to which health care professionals are invited must carry the following text placed prominently and printed in a size large enough to be easily read: “This is an independent Non-CME event and is not an official part of the ISHLT Annual Meeting & Scientific ”
  • All such materials must be approved by ISHLT in advance